It’s been a season of ankle boots for me.  So much so that my tall boots haven’t even made it out of storage.  The past few days have been rainy and it was the perfect opportunity to break out my first pair of tall boots, but not the expected type.  Anyone who knows me also knows how I love my heels and wedges (instant short girl fix).  I broke my own rule this past weekend by wearing some wellies and I intend to pull them on every time it rains in the future!

There may have been a moment at my three year old’s soccer game earlier this fall that I spotted another mom in a pair of shiny, bright red Hunter boots.  It was love at first sight.  A quick online search for my future boots came to a quick halt.  $150 for a pair of boots I would only wear a few times a year?  Ouch!

Along came the Nordstrom sale… and a new love entered my life.  Joules Wellies!  So many colors and cute patterns.  The reviews were all positive, so I gave them a try.  For only around $40 on sale and free shipping (also free shipping back if I didn’t love them), it was a no brainer.

My package arrived a few days later.  I tore it open to find my first pair of wellies (as an adult) wrapped in their own pretty boot box.  Well played, Joules.  I might want another pair just becuase of the cute box.  They fit perfectly and even though they are not a heel or wedge, I didn’t even feel awkward walking in them since they are not incredibly flat or awkward feeling.  My Joules Wellies review and opinion?  Get them!  If you ever see them in a solid red color… let me know right away!




Sweater: Express (old) similar here | Jeans: old Hudson Niko, similar here | Scarf: Forever 21 | Socks: You can’t see them, but I wear Smartwooll socks when it’s cold, love these and these | Boots: similar below